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Belvidere High School - Philosophy of Education

We firmly believe that the philosophy of education of a school system should reflect the needs of the community it serves.  Belvidere High School is committed to a program of studies that is broad based and academically appropriate for all students to prepare them to take the next step in their life plan.  Therefore, the basic tenets of education at Belvidere High School focuses upon the development of the cognitive and affective skills needed by our students to live in a democratic society which encompasses cultural variability.

The cognitive and affective needs of this diverse student body mandate that a multifaceted curriculum be developed in a sequentially and developmentally appropriate manner with opportunities for the development of the individual.  The primary goals of the curriculum are to develop the basic skills of each student; to develop the skills and knowledge necessary for entry level employment in our technological society; and to prepare adequately for student matriculation into post secondary institutions.

Successful living in our pluralistic world requires that our students, who live in a rural area, be exposed to the various life styles and values not common to their life experiences.  Real life and vicarious experiences must be provided for students to gain an understanding and empathy for others.  Likewise, students must be taught how to cope with the problems inherent in our society today.  They need opportunities to explore and develop their own value system, to gain knowledge of societal problems, and knowledge of self.

To insure these pursuits, the school experience should provide students with the ability to communicate with their fellow humans, preserve the democratic ideals and heritage, appreciate moral and aesthetic values, be socially obligated, and be governed by laws that recognize humanity and justice.

Believing that learning takes place best in a positive educational environment, it is imperative that a collaborative effort by students, teachers, parents, and community create an understanding and appreciation of the essentials of a quality education.


The mission of the Belvidere School District, a partnership of nurturing parents, dedicated faculty and supportive communities, is to provide an exemplary education in a safe environment which empowers all students to become lifelong learners and to excel in a global society.


1.  To meet the academic needs of a diverse student body.
2.  To foster the development of the individual.
3.  To provide a positive educational environment.
4.  To educate the student for living in a pluralistic society.
5.  To educate the student for living in a democratic society.